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Batteries + Solar – Secure Power Supply

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The Utility is Down and the Sun is Up – You’ve Got Power (Without Batteries)! January, 2014   As previously discussed, there are now numerous options to have safe, secure power when the grid is down.  In the past, this was essentially considered an “all-or-none” option – either you had the grid with no solar or you had solar and batteries with no grid.   The solar world continues to evolve.  For many in the solar world, the big news over the last several years has been the lower cost of solar panels.  However, we’re also...

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Batteries + Solar – Options

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Considering Solar and Batteries?  Welcome to Your Updated Options. January, 2014       The solar market continues to develop at a wonderfully rapid pace.  One of the primary reasons to consider solar has always been energy independence.  For some, independence was freedom from power outages – or, even more so, complete independence from the electric grid itself.  For others, independence meant creating clean power for a fixed cost that protected them from rising energy costs with a return on investment.   For many,...

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Solar is 2-100 Times Lower Cost Than You Think

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Solar Creates Big Savings What’s the cost of solar today? Well, it depends a great deal on where exactly you are located, but no matter where you’re located, I’d bet that most of you have a cost of solar in your head that’s 2–100 times greater than the actual cost of solar power. Read on for an explanation…. One of the things I majored in for my bachelor’s degree (a long time back) was sociology. I think one of the key lessons I learned in those four years was that we are not exactly rational beings (okay, I guess I had a sense...

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Solar is Soaring

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In 2013, a new solar project will be installed in the U.S. every four minutes, which is just one of many significant milestones detailed in the SEIA and GTM report released today, U.S Solar Market Insight: 2nd Q2 2013.   In April to June of this year, the U.S solar energy industry recorded its second best quarter ever – a whopping 15 percent increase over the first three months of 2013. We’re now generating enough clean electricity to power more than 1.5 million American homes, including the White House!   Download the Free...

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Swanson’s Law

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Have you heard of Swanson’s Law. It is similar to Moore’s law but for solar cells. It says that every time global capacity doubles that prices drop by 20%. It is what is known as a virtuous cycle. As you purchase new solar modules this increases demand which puts pressure on manufacturers to increase production. As they increase production prices fall and this further increases demand and the cycle repeats and reinforces. Now solar cells are a decreasing component of the overall cost as labor, installation, financing, and...

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From Coal to Solar – A Clean Break

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It’s hard to take the mile-high view on climate change when you’re toiling away underground to put food on the table and a roof over your family’s head. That’s certainly the case for coal miners, whose concerns about meeting the needs of their kids here and now trump whatever concerns exist about the world those kids will inherit 30 years later. When you spend your days 600 feet below the surface, where temperatures range between 55 and 60 degrees year round, you might not notice that the biosphere above you is slowly roasting. As the...

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MOSEIA Responds to Utility Efforts

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For Immediate Release Contact Heidi Schoen (314) 677-4076 July 12, 2013           MISSOURI SOLAR ENERGY INDUSTRY CONCERNED ABOUT UTILITY EFFORT TO HINDER FUTURE USE OF SOLAR RESOURCES IN MISSOURI Later today, the Missouri Solar Energy Industry Association (MOSEIA) is expected to file its response to KCP&L’s Missouri Public Service Commission filings where KCP&L claimed they had reached the total amount of rebates they will pay during this year. Based on the statutory provisions enacted into law by over two...

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We Powered This School with Solar

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SolarAid Muleke Community School – Read the Full Project File Thanks to your generous donation, Muleke Community School has been able to light their school’s two classrooms with clean safe solar power. Everyone at the school is thrilled with the solar lights and all the benefits they are bringing to the students, the staff and the wider community. Muleke School in Zambia is located 120 km to the west of the capital city, Lusaka. It has 213 students and six teachers. The teachers have to walk 10 km each day to get to and from school!...

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SolarAid Is a Winner in Google’s Global Impact Challenge

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Yesterday Google unveiled the winners of its Global Impact Challenge, in which four UK-based non-profits each received £500,000 (US$766,000) for their work in “using tech to tackle the world’s toughest problems”. Charity SolarAid was one of the four winners with its African pico-solar sales and distribution programme, SunnyMoney. The Google award is “a massive, massive step change for us,” Pippa Palmer, SolarAid’s interim managing director, told Renewable Energy World.  With the award, SolarAid plans to trial,...

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Solar Impulse Has Landed

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As the region’s only SunPower dealer we are excited that the Solar Impulse has landed in Saint Louis. The Solar Impulse is a plane that is powered entirely by SunPower solar modules. It has the wingspan of a 747, 800 lbs of batteries, and only weighs about the same as a car. Visit the website for more details. You can sign up to see the plane on Thursday the 6th or Friday the 7th. Its innovations extend beyond the plane itself. Due to damage from the recent weather it is using a unique inflatable hanger. Posted on 6-4-13 on 5...

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